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Cross-Training is a group class that encompasses a combination of body-weight exercises, cardio training, and weightlifting to prepare you for anything life throws at you. This program is designed for the seasoned athlete as well as the first timer. Our coaches will assist you in every movement, and provide scaling instructions to meet your tolerance but still give you a challenge. 


High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT, is an all out, full body workout that is quick and intense bursts of exercise followed by short but active recovery periods. This type of training is perfect for keeping your heart rate high and burning calories! HIIT uses many body-weight movements, and few weights. The best part is – these workouts are quick and convenient!


Dance is a fun and energetic group aerobic fitness class that incorporates many styles of movement with the music. Guided by an instructor, you will pick up some new moves, relieve that unwanted stress, and get your heart pumping!


This program is all about weightlifting, and designed around perfecting all movements associated with the barbell. In this class you will be guided step-by-step through Olympic lifts, power lifts, and strength basics. Enjoy a focused session on perfecting the skill and a programmed strength workout.


Guided by our instructors, we will discover a  variety of Yoga styles such as Power Vinyasa, Classic Vinyasa and Yin. This class is for all levels of fitness, and it will provide a basic foundation of the Yoga as well as challenge the ones who needs to deepen their practice. This program is judgement free, and there is no strict regiment – just a group of people who want to find what feels right for their body and mind!


Want to train in a one-on-one setting? Our trainers can help you identify your fitness goals and work with you to achieve them. Give us a call or email us to arrange a consultation! 

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